Better Documentation

Change Log

  • Fixed issue introduced in v 0.2.3 below. All notes and edits now shown for a given page.
  • Fixed issue where popups were unintentionally altered.
  • Fixed Editing mode stuck on “Processing…”.
  • Removed indications of subscription. Private (Cloud) will remain free with donations.
  • Added instructions on install for Chrome.
  • Added instructions for Mac & iOS Safari.
  • Numerous efficiency fixes.
  • Public Launch of the Better Documentation Extension for Chrome and Safari.

Known Issues/Bugs

  • Only 1 edit or note is shown per page. This error was introduced with this update. Fix coming soon.
  • Rare occurrences where notes formatting appears strange.

Coming Soon

  • Porting the extension to Firefox.
  • Ability to flag and report edits or notes if inappropriate.
  • Allows upvoting or downvoting of edits and notes so that only the best edits and notes bubbles to the top.
  • Allows for quick search within all the notes.
  • Implement other logins for non-developers to allow for the internet to be edited. (news articles, recipes, products, etc.)
  • Allow for posting of the edit/note to social media to help gain more insightful conversation.
  • A library of all websites where at least a community note or edit has been made on the internet.

Feature Requests

  • None


Edit the Internet

The ultimate goal of this browser extension is to enable crowdsourced documentation across the internet. This documentation can cover a wide range of topics, including developer documentation for coding, recipes for cooking, educational articles, and news from potentially untrustworthy or biased sources. With this tool, users can post notes with linked evidence to disprove inaccurate news stories and much more. The possibilities are endless, and this extension has the potential to transform the internet into a true social media platform. Let’s work together to edit and improve the internet!